Mediacamp 2

Αντιγράφω την ανακοίνωση. Σόρυ για τα Αγγλικά αλλά είμαι πολύ κουρασμένος για να μεταφράσω. Το blog του mediacamp είναι εδώ.

It has been almost a year since MediaCamp, and we are very excited to announce MediaCamp2!

Media Camp 2 will take place in Athens, Greece on Saturday March 14 2009 and Sunday March 15, 2009

Schedule It starts at 9am and end at around 10:30pm both days

A very brief description of what this Media Camp is all about:

Basically we are bringing together media enthusiasts who want to share and learn in a open environment.

We all gather and plan out the weekend together. We as planners are just bringing you together, the topics of discussion
are going to be decided by you! If you haven’t signed up already, please, feel free to join in and introduce your own. Let one of us know, by simply replying to this message

We are very pleased to announce that, the Microsoft Innovation Center will be hosting the second BarCamp in Greece!

(Βασιλισσης Σοφιας 103)

If you have friends that you think would fit in and benefit from the camp, spread the word to have them attend.


It starts at 9am and ends at around 10:30pm both days

Register here ->

The event will be covered at with Video, Audio, Photos, and all resources from the camp.

We are looking forward in hearing from you,

The Planning Team